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China, Pakistan and Afghanistan Trilateral Dialogue December 2014

In collaboration with its counterpart in China, the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD), the Regional Peace Institute (RPI) co-sponsored the China-Pakistan-Afghanistan Trilateral Dialogue in Beijing from December 13-22, 2014. The interaction was titled “Security of Afghanistan and the region after the 2014 withdrawal”.

The first round of the Trilateral Dialogue was held in Islamabad in February, 2014 under the umbrella theme of “China, Pakistan and Afghanistan: Regional Perspectives, Future Prospects”. The two sub-themes of the conference were “Regional Perspectives on US Drawdown in Afghanistan” and “Prospects of Pakistan-China Collaboration in Afghanistan”.

The Trilateral Dialogue in Beijing was a continuation of a series of interactions that RPI has envisaged between the three countries. The programme included informal bilateral engagements between China and Pakistan and China and Afghanistan on the sidelines of the Trilateral Dialogue. The Trilateral engagement was a full day affair with speakers from China, Afghanistan and Pakistan stressing on the need for closer cooperation and collaboration between the three countries of the region.

The delegates also welcomed the induction of the Unity Government in Afghanistan and hoped that it would help the country meet the ensuing challenges.

All participants stressed on the need for a strong, stable and self-reliant Afghanistan that would be able to make a positive contribution to regional security and progress.

The delegates also stressed the need for closer and meaningful cooperation between the three key countries of the region.

The Chinese hosts had also arranged for the delegates’ visits to other provinces of the country to see first-hand the spectacular progress that China has made in various areas of development. This progress is not centred to any one area, or province. It is widespread and every Chinese province is benefitting equally from this surge.

The next round of the China-Pakistan-Afghanistan Trilateral Dialogue will be held in Pakistan during the later part of this year.

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