Second Round of Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue held in Islamabad


Third Round of the US-Pakistan Track-II Bilateral Dialogue held in Washington


First Round of RPI-RDDC-sponsored Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue held in Kabul on May 16-17


Second round of the US-Pakistan Bilateral (Track-II/I.5) Dialogue held in Islamabad on April 5-6.




RPI launches the US-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue

Regional Peace Institute (RPI) is pleased to announce the launching of the US-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue.


RPI will be conducting the dialogue in coordination with its partner in the project: the Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington, DC.


For too long now, the US-Pakistan bilateral relations have suffered acutely from an abundance of expectations from both sides. This has led to a trust deficit which has continued to grow with the passage of time: with the US expecting Pakistan to do more and the latter responding by pleas of sincerity and lack of capacity.


The bilateral dialogue would provide an opportunity to the policy formulators from the two countries to come to grips with the core issues that plague the bilateral relations and the reasons for the growing diversity of perceptions. The dialogue will be an ongoing process and the first round is scheduled to be held in Washington, DC on January 3-4 while the second will take place in Islamabad in the first week of March.


During various sessions, the teams of delegates from the two countries will be joined in by a group of experts as discussants, thus expanding the scope of interactions to take in ideas from a large and informed base of people. This will help in chalking out a blueprint for rationalising the future relations between the two countries to make these positive, productive and sustainable.


The key issues which are likely to be debated in the first round include the following:

  1. Fight against terror including countering violent extremism;
  2. The prospects of nuclear proliferation and how to address the same;
  3. Regional Peace and its changing dynamics;
  4. Peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan's role therein, and
  5. Enhancing cooperation in the economic and social sectors as well as other areas of interest to both countries.


The US-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue is a flagship addition to the expanding RPI repertoire of activities including the Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue, India-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue and China-Pakistan Bilateral Dialogue.


Discussion with Raoof Hasan, Chief Executive of Regional Peace Institute in Pakistan

Raoof Hasan, Chief Executive of Regional Peace Institute in Pakistan, provides his analysis and perspectives of the past and present security development in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The objective with the interview was to obtain a Pakistani view on past and present conflicts in the region to provide a primary source for further analysis. Recorded in Islamabad, Pakistan.


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Raoof Hasan

“There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless”.
Niccolo Machiavelli

The fact that Mullah Omar died on Pakistani soil, Osama bin Laden was SEALED and Mullah Mansour droned inside Pakistani territory through unilateral military operations cannot be simply brushed away as coincidence. It highlights the deep rot that signifies Pakistan’s policies towards Afghanistan and the Taliban.



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